The Dragon Trail

There is a lot more to this picture but I've decided to leave it out, the actual picture itself has been cropped to get a bit better detail of what's going on. Here, Gara (the lady on the rock) is leading an investigation to discover why the recent behaviour of her dragon kin in the area has been so strange. Looking back over the hills from where they travelled, something seems to be worrying her. I'm not sure how long this took, longer than KotFK but less than Ariana AN2. All comments welcome ^_^ All genesis images are characters copyright myself (C Chamberlain) & Sylvester D Norwood. Gara is owned and created by Eliad Sholomovich


Anonymous Guest

zufri tubagus 02 Sep 2009 have a certain quality for the it so much

Konstantinos Karydas 11 Apr 2005

This too is excellent

Shanna Williams 04 May 2004

Beautiful, the intricacies and overall look is very nice. The characters look as if there's a story point going on, or perhaps a battle or deep thought. Very expressive.

Anonymous Guest 28 Mar 2004

I like the detail you put into the black outfit ^_^ and the fuzzy tops of the boots. The landscape is great too! Cheers!

Holly Ivy 12 Feb 2004

Wow, what detail! Would expect nothing less from you, tho. ^_~ I like Gara's hair!