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Anonymous Guest 25 Dec 2015

I tried to come up with some ideas but only succeeded in disnvoericg there's a place called Townsville, and another called Rollingstone on the West coast of Australia. Not very useful but I thought I might as well share that strangeness with you.I actually wanted to leave you a comment telling you that I absolutely love Cabin Pressure and think you're a great comedy writer. I also love listening to you on the Now Show (your skit about the walrus still makes me giggle!). I know this probably sounds a bit creepy or whatever, but I really just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your series.So uuh... thank you I suppose?! I don't know what else to say now... should probably leave it right here before it gets awkward. =)

kathi halickman 10 Feb 2010

adorable and sad at the same time

Anna Marie Fritz 29 Dec 2009

This is ultra-darling, Nick!!!

Shqipe H 09 Nov 2009


Lorna Skeie 08 Nov 2009

The eyes say it all! Nice job