Fire Breath

Finally I got a picture of it painted! The picture is at an angle which sux but I got it! My art teacher took it so that explains the weirdness. I still haven't gotten it home. . now it's in an artshow. .I just want it home people!! to maybe put it on my wall or something. . :( oh and p.s.. . in real life it looks better. .the green background stands out against the yellowish skin. also the crappy distored lips are because of the table I was working at and my shortness making it a weird angle. when I finally put it on the easle (or whatever its supose to be spelled like) I had to change the face around several times to look right. .It took me awhile to get the lips to the shape I wanted to I left them...

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Amy Simmonds 14 Jun 2004

This looks fab hun! I just love the fiery hair-style. Thankyou sooo much for all you comments on my work too :)