In Death Valley, where the distant patter of rain is long forgotten and must sometimes seem like a dream, a barrel cactus cheerfully blooms amid the cracked mud. As the top layer of earth peels away, it takes on the appearance of smooth shaved chocolate and reveals a deeper and equally impenetrable layer below. We see the signs of rain the thirsty mud that expanded then dried and curled up, the green of the cactus, the lizard but in one of the planets hottest, driest places, rain is an occasional and capricious character.


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John Cappello 18 May 2014

Brilliant composition. Great job Kathy!

Anneke Hut 19 Sep 2009

Kathy, the subjects you choose are amazing! So refreshing and beautiful!

Artist Reply: Anneke, Thanks I appreciate the feedback regarding my subject selection, which is the fun of it for me. I love your gallery, in particular the Desert one with the herder.

Sharon Gonzalez 19 Sep 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks Sharon! I went to your site and I love the tranquility that your works engender, so peaceful and yet very alive.

Emily Reed 19 Sep 2009

Really magnificent!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Emily, I went to your site and am so impressed with your many, diverse works!

Beatrix Jahn 19 Sep 2009

Super Kathy...lovely work! Greetings from N├╝rnberg!! xox

Artist Reply: Hi there again Beatrix, Thanks for the feedback and greetings to you in Nurnberg today!