I was working as a slave

© 2010 Armando Salas. --- The 80s were the most productive time in my whole entire life. I think I never worked so hard because then my main activity was as employed in a bank . A publishing house was buying almost 100 % of my production and they luckily liked all my stuff :-). Puzzles, illustrations, comic strips, cartoons, covers... Entire magazines, this was my work. LABERINTO DE LETRAS (40 pages) was one of these magazines, published every two weeks. I had to do everything: to invent and write the puzzles, games, crosswords ... and also made all the illustrations. Upper image: Cover. Pen, india ink, tempera and Letraset. Bottom image: Page. Puzzle and two "SABÍA QUE....?" ( = "DID YOU KNOW...?") (my version of Ripley's "BELIEVE IT OR NOT...". Pen, brush, india ink and Letraset.

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Seth Weaver 16 Mar 2010

Amazing and stunning work my friend. You can work like a slave but be as happy as a king to be able to do what you love. You got to make money first to pay the bills. I know I've been there too.

Mary Janosik 16 Mar 2010

Love the black on black!!! Very coy-ish!! My dad said "They don't call it work for nothing....!!! If you want something bad enough, it's worth it!!"

Anneke Hut 16 Mar 2010

Armando, this shows again that you have always been the most impressive and original artist! And most productive, that too!! :)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 15 Mar 2010

But you did in fact a fantastic work... as a slave!:-))) Next crossword magazine I'll buy I must check for a Sala's magazine and I'm sure it will be a quality one!!!

Artist Reply: Oh, no, Alberto: no more puzzles, please!!! :-) It's a tiring work, something for young people; I already am a "perro viejo" :-) Once in Lisboa I saw people from Cabo Verde or Angola working on streets. They were placing pebbles (not sure about this word; we say ADOQUINES in Spanish). Well: adoquines and puzzles, the same tiring work:-)

thea walstra 15 Mar 2010

You are a busy, multi talented guy Armando. I think your life is a rich one (I don't mean money), but I think also tough from time to time. You know I admire your work nightowl :)