Swans - Dedham

Mute Swans - Dedham

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 21 Mar 2013

Took ICND1 exam today and passed. My hosent advice is, just going through P4S, TI etc etc is not good enough to pass. You really need to know the A-Z of the subject. Cisco is clever enough to trick you with their questions. For all those who are going to take your exam soon, you must be prepared well enough, to gauge yourself, try out p4s and TI questions and if you can breeze through answering them then i suggest going back to Wendel Odom ICND1 study guide and try out the Do You Know Already questions. If you think the questions are tricky and you are still unsure about the answers to a few questions then i 'd say you are not ready for the exams. P4S and TI will not help you even answer 30% of the exam.That was my case.

Anonymous Guest 14 Apr 2012

Wow…Muse, I am so impressed! The phtoos are sooo nice! Just want to say thank you very much to you and your team. It was such an adverse weather, but your professionalism and your team overcame it and made the phtoos unexpectedly b-e-a-utiful! Thank you very much! Take care and speedy recovery P.S. kindly help send my regards to your assistant, Lok. Hope his BABIES are all out and got back his flat tummy!

Lorna Skeie 22 Dec 2010

Beautiful work

Roman Krimker 16 Dec 2010

The dreamlike state of nature is beautifully reflected in this artwork!

Valeka Vale 10 Dec 2010

Wow!! very well done!