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Nicole and her Pysanki (2003)

My charming wife, Nicole, juggles her beautiful creations, Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanki). She wears a traditional Moravian vest and blouse.


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Monika Moore 25 Apr 2007

David, you paint from your heart. You capture so much more than just the likeness of your subjects. Your work is eloquent and inspiring. ~M

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 19 May 2005

I love this fresh and hapy picture. It shows Nicole full of life and blooming with good health! No doubt she's juggling her career and role as wife and mother (as we women often do!) Love the detail on the Easter eggs and on the national costume. Brilliant!

andree lerat 29 Jul 2004


michelle davis 28 Jul 2004

really cute! Love the colors and the rendering

Jessica Evans 27 Jul 2004

what lovely coloring on that face! the detail on the eggs is wonderful as well