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"Christmas Tree Path"© This is my latest painting for the holiday season. As the snow softly falls through the eagerly inviting branches, a blanket of white covers the grounds of the forest, all except, of course, for the magical pathway that if viewed at the right angle, seems to form the shape of a Christmas tree! Happy Holidays!! ~S

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 27 Apr 2013

Particularly Pleasant, Your art has a nice mood to it that really catches one's eyes. Magnificent work! Always enjoyable & wholesome.

Anonymous Guest 30 Jan 2013

This is so beautiful Steve. It's magical. ~Sly

Laura Mckenzie 04 Dec 2012

So different and colorful it makes you think Christmas for sure! Laura


Beautiful !

Wendy Law 06 Jan 2012

this is wonderful - such a magical scenery