Bony declares love, love story and amateur drawing

In the World of fantasy exist beings known as Bony. Most of the other inhabitants of the World of fantasy experiencing them as a closed community, uninteresting creatures of Mother Nature that is not adorned with special beauty, only hard exterior of which was not much use. The first impression is sufficient for many to lose interest in a deeper understanding. Known for certain to them Toothpicks great friends, this is explained by the well-known characteristic Toothpick - they love to clean someone's teeth, bones and bone growths of every kind. But Toothpicks know that their interior is soft, full of feelings as well as in other, external appearance more attractive beings. The drawing shows one Bony that declares love elect of his heart, after a long time spent in a romantic walks, and in the exchange of sympathy. This guy from the kind of Bonys asked four Toothpick to be his positive support when this love declaration because Bony is very shy. A 3 format

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