The Guardians of the World of Fantasy, outsider art, fantasy story

The creator of a Fantasy World created these Guardians to watch and defend the beings who inhabiting this colorful world. It is possible that, when viewing these images from the World of Fantasy, some viewer considers ugly some of the beings he sees, scenes with total stupidity, a drawing of a moronic work, etc., and thus sends an embarrassing thought that could ruin the system of livelihood in the World of Fantasy. At that moment, the Guardians enter the scene, catching the enemy's vibrations of that sort - spoken or just in the minds of the observer - and throwing them into a black hole. In the World of Fantasy there are a variety of evil creatures, but there are even more innocent, helpless forms of life that deserve every protection. The Guards after destroying malicious thoughts about Earth Fantasy, send a message to the negative viewer: Watch the world in which you live and see what it is! Look at yourself!

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