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Oak Island Lighthouse

... this 153-foot tall, reinforced concrete, candlestick light tower was erected at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, with a 2,500,000 candlepower, DCB-436 Aerobeacon lens in 1958 to replace the third Cape Fear Light built in 1903... which had replaced the Bald Head Lighthouse of 1817 (which still stands)... which replaced the first Cape Fear River Light of 1794. It was the brightest navigation light in the United States until the 1962 construction of the tower on Sullivan's Island, SC. This tower, designed and built by the United States Coast Guard and the Brinkley, W.F. & Son Construction Co., is unusual in that it was built as one continuous pour, utilizing a rising, movable form. The cylindrical shape displays good subsonic aerodynamics and is probably impervious to any known hurricane force winds. The three colors of the tower are created by adding colored material to the concrete mix. The gray bottom section being the natural color of Portland Cement. The Oak Island light sits on elevated land owned by the Coast Guard, although the tower and surrounding property was deeded to the Town of Caswell Beach in 2004... with maintenance split and shared between the town and the Coast Guard. Oak Island Light was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

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