The Girl with the Red Earrings

An interesting and challenging week is over, a #oneweekportrait - week to be precise. If you have not heard about it, it is a challenge hosted by paintable via facebook where it is possible to participate in a community to create a portrait painting in 5 steps, each day one step. I'm not a beginner so I started there just for fun, but I challenged myself by using just the round brush in PS up to day 4! the idea was to turn the digital painting in something that looks like traditional oils ;) Participating turned into a big motivation - as David, the founder of paintable wants from everyone - to create their best portrait possible. And he gives a lot of pointers and resources along the way, which is very nice. I started with the reference of the model: feeviun The first video lesson from paintable taught me something obvious, that I missed in many previous works: better measurement and a good sketch to get started. I usually started very messy with bold shapes and rearranging them along the process.


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JD Pearce 23 May 2020


imane mali 20 May 2020

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Marie josé LAURIER 15 May 2020