ANDIAMO by Veera Zukova interesting breathtaking original unique abstract acrylic colorful expressio

COOL COLORFUL WORK :) I love it Artist: Veera Zukova Artwork name: ANDIAMO Size:55*46*1cm Original physical unique artwork directly from artist Medium used: acrylic, watercolor, spray on canvas Material of work: stretched canvas, linen, wood frame Year made: 2020 Artist's description: A very cute, bright and positive work. Is is simply magical. Painting is done with throwing colors :) I used metal shape to spread silver watercolor. Mixed a lot to get right shades and tones. I called it "ANDIAMO" because it is very inspiring. It looks great in bedroom. As it is extremely colorful - it would suit as a great decoration for your children room :) Also if you have beauty salon or a hairdresser room - it would be extremely great idea to bring clients visual pleasure and inspiration - they will feel satisfied. Acrylic on canvas, 55*46cm, ready to hang. Artwork information and signature is on the back of the work. Canvas is wood and linen stretched canvas. Work is created in Lapland, where we have Tornio river and hills covered with forests and gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. My art personality: THE CONNOISSEUR [DEVOTEE, SOPHISTICATE] "THE OBJECT OF ART IS NOT TO PRODUCE REALITY, BUT TO CREATE A REALITY OF THE SAME INTENSITY", Alberto Giacometti I have refined taste in art and I am motivated by intellectual discovery. I am more creative than most and I am willing to take risks. I prefer art that is intense and intellectually stimulating - figurative works especially. One in five of us falls into this category. #buyartonline #artforyourinterior #artcollectors #artforsale #artforinteriors #paintingforsale #artforthehome #onlineartgallery #myhomevibe #originalpainting #custompainting #artistforhire #instaart #picoftheday #artforthehome #oneofakindart #colorfulart #colorfulartwork #uniquehomedecor #colourmehappy #paintersofinstagram #paintersofig #givemeallthecolor?? #buyartfromartists #buyartonline #colourlover #colorfuldesign #coloresvivos #coolcolours #crashbangcolour

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