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All images seen on my sites, on my computers, or on personal mobiles, all that is on my private life, are copyrights to myself, lets make these facts so very clear.

I take this opportunity to thank AW, for the efforts they do in concern & protection of our copyrights.

With this post, I will remind some of you artists and not only , but those who view this post, that personal computers mobiles, TV, phones must be free of spy, of all kinds, = Without spy ! very clear !
So that we can work, correspond, download photos into private mobiles computers without any spy. Private photography work or home, never should be seen publicly, unless personally, I post. If you know, any details, I must know, you should say it to me, personally via mail, or phone, messages. Gossip or rumors, should not be spread, some of it not true... those who do so are stupid criminals, that care for none of us really... and they might sell your privacy without you know.
I should take photos without any of you see it unless I post it, the same... I must work on my computers without no one view it unless I post it. It is my wish and not my wish to post some private photos, and especially my personal home, that should be clean off spies. (peepers)
None of us should be seen in private life... ArtWork that I make should be seen only by myself, unless I post or send it in person.
We are not public, each of us is an individual person, who must be safe of spy... it is part of respect to other private life & law.
If you take by force without permission from a person ...the safe private life of a person, then you are part of a crime...
let it be very understandable ! and clear

More to say, I appreciate originality and am so very sure that it is the correct way in life. It is so much easier to be yourself fully than trying to imitate another by orders given to you. I do not appreciate some people imitate the others deliberately and see them as disrespectful, the same as those that are given subjects to talk of or do. Personally, I ignore those who are given orders to control them.

It is so much fun creating your own ideas, then losing your own confidence in what correct to do, by trying to make yours, like others... similar... just because someone asks you that.
This someone id criminal, who tries to control your life, and perhaps take your privacy and sell it, without you know.

No matter what you personally create and your own level, it always is better than trying to be someone else. You are better than those who create their life and work based on the spy of privacy.
Indeed I appreciate originality that does not damage the other's originality... BE YOURSELF !!
Copyrights to MYSELF. Activist for Human Rights, the RIGHT FOR PRIVACY.

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Anonymous Guest

Sigridur Bachmann 20 Sep 2021

Superb collage and ultra beautiful colours Nira !

Anneke Hut 20 Sep 2021

A great design, can be used for many things!

Vernonette Gaddy 19 Sep 2021

Delightful and fun to view uniquely created detailed kaleidoscope-like designs Nira. :)

José Ramalhão Fortunato 19 Sep 2021

Your work is magical, indeed, dear Nira

Karen Muro Aréchiga 19 Sep 2021