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Shower-curtain designed by Veera Zukova on

Press here to see MY REDBUBBLE STORE Carried away by my imagination, I set my brush free with colorful subconscious doodles. My paintings come alive with swirls of blues and pinks, and curlicues of greens and oranges. On canvas, I create a surreal landscape of my inner world, as my doodles entwine into intricate shapes and forms, capturing beauty and complexity. That sacred moment is when all my senses pour into my artwork, with unbridled creativity and spontaneity. Art provides me with the freedom to open my creative mind and pour my thoughts onto paper. I'm able to express my feelings and emotions with a brush, a canvas, or a piece of paper. My art is full of color and symbolism, showing the beauty of life. Art helps me to overcome anxiety and focus on the positive. It's an escape from the world, but it's also my way of connecting with others. With art, I can be free to create my own unique masterpiece. My abstract artwork looks great as a pattern for designed products, from clothes to interior units. With my paintings featured in my Redbubble store, you can add a splash of colorful energy to any space. Larger format pieces can really create a statement and impact the overall atmosphere, bringing joy and an upbeat ambiance to any environment. My colorful abstract art is a reflection of my deepest thoughts and dreams. I like to paint my subconscious doodles, interweaving colors, and shapes to create something unique and thought-provoking. Layer after layer, I discover something new and exciting to express my inner self. Through my abstract art, I strive to evoke emotion and capture creative visions, allowing the viewer to escape into a world of their own.

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