what may be

48 x 48 acrylic on canvas here's some other coments i thought were interesting from jacseery/Jac (5,551) on March 17, 2005 4:48:28 PM EST (0) An intriguing ambiguity of space and form/shape and edge/positive and negative - all wonderfully backlit. I can't hold my alcohol - I don't practice enough - but looking at this - and the wine on the table and the way she leans into him...it's very evocative of that risky flirting I am prone too after a very small glass of anything alcoholic :-) My favourite bit is the way she rests her hand on his thigh under the table. Have to admit that my eye is drawn then to the orange furnace of his groin... hell I oughta go for a run :-) Reply Show ratings Rate this critique Helpful No opinion Unhelpful from jan/Jan (1,260) on March 17, 2005 3:29:35 PM EST (1) This is an awesome work. Lawrence did a much better job articulating my feelings about this than I could so I just wanted to add my kudos on a superior work of art. Reply Show ratings Rate this critique Helpful No opinion Unhelpful from billbonner/William (16,299) on March 17, 2005 6:54:01 AM EST (3) I love being able to spot a kpike right away when I open the page. This looks more 'Dornbergian' than others of yours - the palette and perspective is great - I'm a little bothered by the relatively empty right side, but very nice to see this, Karen. Yeeow - I just came back to say - looking at the thumbnail gives a whole new perspective - looks like you're viewing a long room with the sucject sitting far back - kind of cool effect. Reply Show ratings Rate this critique Helpful No opinion Unhelpful from calligrapher/Lawrence (639) on March 17, 2005 2:41:29 AM EST (2) karen, i believe you may be my favorite artsig artist. frankly, i enjoy all your works, and your individual style moreso than any other here on artsig. it is not usual for me to be attracted to works as figurative as many of yours are. i guess there is just a happy medium between representational and abstract form that interests me. -there always seems to be this natural flow which interconnects everything within the spaces you paint without becoming too concrete. ?? as usual in your work i see areas full of detail quite polished and vibrant, along with a sudden dropoff in form as at that very point you become disinterested in real life and begin to depict the scene with the minimum of info. this isnt my favorite of yours, but the more i look the more i like. nice one. hmmmm "what may be" ..i feel as though nothing will come, its a mere fantasy of sorts. Reply Show ratings Rate this critique Helpful No opinion Unhelpful Comments

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Elton Houck 10 Sep 2009

outstanding work Karen

ghada zoughby 18 Mar 2005

exellent work! I can't skip this image, it's really capturing

Richard Delay Sirs 18 Mar 2005

Very Intense and Passionate -- Bravo

Richard Sitterly 17 Mar 2005

this is awesome. i like how some edges blur while others sharpen. very deep/ atmospheric

Patrick Zatloukal 17 Mar 2005

Very unique style - love this a lot!