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Pope John Paul II and Terry Schiavo (2005)

The late Jean-Paul II holds the late Terry Schiavo in his arms. The drama of these two deaths mesmerized the world for months. Although the Pope condemned removal of feeding tubes, he refused to be hospitalized or placed on a ventilator prior to his saintly death.

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Ben Kiger 23 Aug 2007

very nice with lots of feeling and color,powerful

Abdul Alhazred 08 Feb 2006

Wow, what an amazing piece of art. Also very powerfull as well. I must admit i was abit torn when it came to the issue of terry Schiavo...

Jerry 06 Feb 2006

Amazing picture and statment!

Emily Reed 21 Jun 2005

Oh I do love this so much. You show with art what I have said with words, over and over. God bless. See my "Reminder of the Death Penalty" in my Ireland folder.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 16 Jun 2005

I love this picture. It's very thought provoking. I thought a lot about the battle of Terry Schiavo fighting for the tiny shred of life she had left. I was gutted when the feeding tubes were removed. I know that I could never do that to a member of my family (rightly or wrongly) This picture is so touching it made me cry! They both have such a beatific expression on their faces. Poor Terry!