Mickey in San Tropez

Back in the early 80's, Disney commissioned me to produce a collection of Apparel designs, this is the only one I could find thats left in my collection. Disney artists approved my line art before we went to final films. Back then every design was cut in rubylith. Now its all computerized and so much easier. This design is copyright Walt Disney. So dont be grabbing it and printing it off on your home computers. Mickey will find you and do vicious things to your face. It wont be pretty.

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Vera Harned 25 Apr 2006

John this is cute! Wonderful work! Poor Micky you make him sound so bad... Neat.

Herman Serrano 25 Apr 2006

Mini always was a flirty one...look at those toenails! Very cool Sometimes i wonder if we shouldn't ask you what you HAVEN'T worked on, John ;)

Lisa Hill 24 Apr 2006

How cool! Lisa x

Reba McDonald 24 Apr 2006

Hey! They actually do have feet. Great work John

Tanya Ray 24 Apr 2006

This is a fun one. Good work as always John.