I think I can catch that remote control  plane !

This is amber (english pointer) We took her with us to fly rc planes, she really got a kick out of it!


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Loredana 10 Jan 2007


Libbe Bouma 10 Jan 2007

and action..........lol Nice photograph,and did she get it?

Chris Williams 09 Jan 2007

great full of fun

julie Marks 09 Jan 2007

Mikey is jealous. Although, Molly is his girlfriend, he thought he might have a chance with this gorgeous lady, especially since they both are English. Molly just turned 1 year old (7 years) and is not sure what kind of relationship Amber wants. She does know she would love a play date and I love to fly rc planes. The only problem living in LA is the communte. In this picture, it looks like amber can catch a ride on the plane and land on our roof. Let us know time of departure!! Mikey is begging me to ask if she saw his picture?