Faces & Places

Mugs & Digs. Visages & Garages. Countenances & Residences. Appearances & whereabouts No, I think I'll stick with Faces & Places. The inside features the reverse perspective library of palindromes and oxymorons, Floating eyeballs and a forced perspective flying deck of cards to create spacial distortion and incite visual mayhem in general. This 11' truncated icosahedron (32 sided) has an epoxy grommet on the bottom to fit a standard tripod.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2007

This is outrageious stuff!

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2007

how do you vote? you deserve a 10! awsome work man!

Artist Reply: I don't exactly know but I think you should do whatever is in your power to find the answer because I feel your opinion is really valid and must be heard man! In fact I think you may be the smartest person on earth.
Artist Reply: I'm kidding, you may be the smartest person on earth but not because you'd rate my piece a ten, (I think that's just one of many symptoms of being the smartest person on earth). And I thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

Renata Cavanaugh 22 Apr 2007

Your work is beautiful! OUTSTANDING!

Anonymous Guest 22 Apr 2007

Creative and awesome work

Karen OBrien 22 Apr 2007