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DANCING AROND THE SUN This piece is just finished u cant see but it is still wet and i have a pain in my ass waitin 4 it 2 dry ...im workin on 5 pieces at the moment and have been 4 the last 2 weeks im wrecked somtimes wen u work in heavy textures it takes ages 4 them 2 dry so iv removed all my sheets and towel's from my hot press upstairs and put my painting's in .....god knows they will more then likely crack haha ...well hey its ART... anyway as u all know im no photographer and this piece is much nicer in the flesh....il have 2 do a photography course ....im hopeless wit digi camera's well any camera's dat is haha .....again this is a design piece for a client its one of three that she ordered this one is for her bedroom ...or boudouir as she calls it ....well whatever floats ur boat i say ...this piece measures 4ftx4ftx2" ....from FASHION 4 WALLS ...a.k.a LINDA DUFFY ....Choose ur FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ......Tnxs for havin a gander hope u all like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx linda

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Anonymous Guest

Maurizio Miele 02 Jul 2013

Great work !

sidney orr 07 Jan 2008

.... it really does grab one.... very good....

Sally Pulford 18 Jun 2007

Apt title...can see exactly what you mean. Another of your darker shade paintings with such incredible luminosity. Your ability and techniques are stunning. Do you use knives, Linda?

Ron Atkin 18 Jun 2007

Great quality Linda.....try a drop of dryers.xxxxxx

Renata Cavanaugh 04 Jun 2007

I love the textured look of your paintings