A Surprise For William

May 18 is William K's day! His 26th b'day! (Don't forget to visit www.artwanted.com/sildias ) We both are in the same country, and he helped me a lot (usually, about personal problems...) He is a great man and very wise... and I like his great anime pictures. He made me a birthday picture too... (maybe he'll upload that soon...) Girls at this picture are Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII(purple dress), Shiori Fujisaki from Love Simulation(redhead), Nodoka Miyazaki from Magister Negi Magi(short-purple hair), Minako Aino a.k.a Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon(blonde), and...... me with Venusia^^ (the pinky!). Those anime girls are William's favourite. And the tart is a strawberry puding because it's William's favourite food. Well.. if you are looking at this, don't forget to go to William's portfolio and send him a birthday message! PS : translate : Happy Birthday, William! (well.. don't know the words are correct or not, because the second word at second line is... something like a fish! Huhuhuu)

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Anonymous Guest

Barry Huyett 07 Jun 2008

cool surprise!

Renata Cavanaugh 07 Jun 2007

How sweet!

Anonymous Guest 31 May 2007

oh.. happy bday 2 for WILLIAM K (HANNAH)

Anonymous Guest 31 May 2007

Jes! happy bday... this is HANNAH. prev comment's from HELVETTICA my fool sister.HAPP Y BDAY

Anonymous Guest 31 May 2007