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UNFORGOTTEN COLOURS OF MY LAND Hi all this piece started out as a landscape and wat i was trying 2 achieve in it was the rich vibrant colour of the landscape in my land of ireland sometimes i feel i miss the richness of colours in my landscape pieces and tend 2 stick wit the same old same old if u know wat i mean ...i see many beautiful rich colours arond me in the landscape dat is ireland from cliff's to mountain's and running tru river's and streams ...the beautiful rich almost regal purple to the sparkling's of sapphire blue's ...i really wanted 2 get these clour's in 2 my landscape ...iv been playing arond wit this piece 4 nearly 2 week's now and im done ...i scrapped the landscape buzz i was on wit this work and turned it upside down and inside out hahaha anyway this is wat transpired from playing wit colour i thought i had forgot in my land ...hence the title ...thank god im finishd it cause it was starting 2 wreck my head im sure u all know wat i mean ...wen a painting is not goin in the direction u had it planned 4 ...happens 2 me quite alot but i suppose dats the nature of painting ....hope u all like and tnxs 4 havin a gander .....choose ur FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION from FASHION 4 WALLS a.k.a. LINDA DUFFY

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Anonymous Guest

Maurizio Miele 25 Feb 2013

great work !

Mildred Ann Utroska 13 Dec 2009

Superb and amazing.

Miro Gabriele 01 Jun 2009


Madeleine Weber 26 May 2008

what for amazing colours! all works excellent together...this painting has a great feeling!

Claire Failes 29 Feb 2008

Very Klimt n' rather beau2iful