View looking out from INSIDE the Hoover Dam

We were fortunate enough to take part in a first of it's kind tour of inside the Hoover Dam. We were able to carefully navigate down a VERY LONG narrow and short tunnel, actually an air shaft, to look out the actual face of the dam, down at the Colorado River below. The first image in from within the tunnel looking out, you can actually see a small part of the "louver" in the bottom of the frame, as it was difficult to maneuver the camera & lens out between them, for fear of dropping it! The image below shows where the picture was taken from! It was an awesome tour, and I would highly recommend anyone in/vacationing the vicinity of Las Vegas looking to take a break from the gambling go take the tour!!


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Mayme Crouse 28 Jun 2009

Wow! Laurie what a pic.........and I am glad to see that you are alive! and appears doing well been trying to get in touch with you every which way but but lose and now I am here...........CALL ME GIRLFRIEND, SEND ME AN E-MAIL, COMMENT ON A PIECE OF MY ART WORK......anything old thing will it, do it now...................please...

Anonymous Guest 27 Jun 2009

From Stan Crouse. Nice picture. Give us a call