Artist Bio

Self Portrait

Thomas Jarrett grew up in Farmingville, New York, and spent most of his life there before moving Upstate. he began his career as a Freelance Illustrator after his previous employer of twenty two years had downsized. this gave him the opportunity to do what he truly enjoys, illustrating. he discovered his love for illustrating at an early age, as if he was born with a pencil in his hand.

Thomas always had a great Love and respect for cartoons and comic books. They have been a tremendous influence on his style of drawing and use of color.. some of the artists that have influenced him the most are Chuck Jones and Tex Avery (Looney Tunes), Don Bluth, frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Neil Adams, and John Buscema.

A self-taught Illustrator, his skills developed mainly by collecting and studying books on anatomy, cartooning, and structural buildings. Also the use of his vivid imagination plays a big part in his illustrations.

He is always open to new ideas and enjoys working with other artists and writers.

Artist Highlights