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“From bright hot scenes of jazz parties with French Quarter flavor, to cool dark moments of wonder, Pike seems to draw in the whole world around her, and spits it back out through her brush, with every nuance of atmosphere and emotion clearly rendered in minimalist strokes. What's more, many of these paintings seem to vibrate with the sheer joy of life that the artist infuses into them.” - 2005, ‘Artist of the Month’ Review

Karen Pike is one of those artists whose paintings move, filled with heat and sound. Based out of Los Angeles, this prolific painter has quickly made a name for herself within the highly competitive West Coast art scene with a catalogue of work that is both confident and vulnerable. That dichotomy, and the underlying emotion behind it, is what truly sets apart a body of work already striking in its bold strokes and rich color.

Chances are, you may have already seen some of Pike’s artwork. Her collections have been featured in galleries and festivals from California to New York, and as far away as Japan. Some of her most popular pieces include “New Orleans”, “Tipsy”, and “A Night to Remember.” She’s also been featured in several live performance painting events, where she tells a story with paints and canvas for the audience, unfolding in real time, and seasoned by the energy of the event music, and the viewers.

Her recent work shows that Pike has truly matured as an artist. Using a bold palate of vibrant colors, she renders an air of exuberant nonchalance, demonstrating a sophisticated awareness of contemporary art, but with a clearly communicated joy of both the art and the medium. The enthusiastic response her work has received firmly establishes Karen Pike’s place in the art world.


Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1975, Pike graduated from the L.A. County High School for the Arts before going on to complete her B.F.A. at the University of Arizona.

As a child, she demonstrated an aptitude for art early on.An astute art teacher took note of her budding talent, and encouraged her to explore her artistic ability. This opportunity opened up a whole new world for Pike, who enthusiastically began experimenting with technique and media in an explosion of painting and sculpture. Her work drew notice, and she was subsequently accepted into the exclusive fine arts program at the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts. Pike had finally come home, and her journey to artisanship had begun.

Her performance in high school led to a fine arts scholarship at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She was entranced by figure study, especially form in motion. Supporting herself by painting decorative artwork and commissions, she won two awards for Arizona themed pieces that were subsequently published.

Pike’s work continues to draw attention, capturing new audiences daily with her emotionally charged style. Check the current tour schedule to find out where and when you can see her work.

Style and Inspiration

Although some pieces do possess a sense of quiet elegance, much of her work is visceral, sensual; enveloping the viewer in the taste, smell and sound of the piece. With strong overtones of both Expressionism and Cubism, Pike evokes comparison to the passionate intensity of Picasso, rendered in the rich palate of a modern Cezanne. Whether expressing a quiet moment of love, a wild and festive vignette, or a primal portrait of pain, each piece is crafted to touch something raw in the viewer.

What’s particularly notable in many of her paintings is how present the artist is in the finished work. There is a distinctly personal connection between Pike and her artwork, which gives some of the pieces an almost voyeuristic quality.

“As an artist, I absorb the energy from a given life and/or visual experience, filter it through my imagination and use my abilities to channel that initial spark onto the canvas for the viewer. Art is the process of communication between the artist and the viewer. I realize that I am only a portion of that equation.”

Pike’s canvas is clearly more than a two dimensional still media; she has stories to tell, a multitude, of a lifetime of experiences. When she paints, she is living that experience, exhaling it into a form which can be shared with others, and which engages the viewer in an intimate way. Soft, simple lines reveal the warmth and security of two lovers in a place all their own. Harsh cross hatching and primal hues starkly illustrate the battle with self image and identity. Everyday objects and actions are fleshed out in bright joyful colors which convey an pervasive joy in simply being. Even the few examples of understated or muted work (see ‘Ledgens Jazz’ for a beautiful example of this) hint at the intensity to come.

Always experimenting with new technique and media, Pike has produced not only a sizable catalogue of canvas painting, but has also crafted paintings on metal sheets designed to patina with age, hand painted tiles, and a number of sculptures.


Magazine Covers:

Art World News, November 2006 Vine Times, January 2005, October 2005, January 2006


New York Times Op Ed, 05/04/2007

“I’ve been a big fan of Los Angeles native and rising art star, Karen Pike, for a few years. I love her fearless, dream-like style…A style perfectly suited to capture the essence of music, wine, dancing…Collectors, act now, before she's out of your league.”

Artist of the Month Review, 10/2005

"I typically show a thumbnail here of one of the paintings in the gallery. I really felt I should show you this one in the largest image size so you could fully appreciate it. Entitled 'Elegant Expressions', the true beauty in this piece is in the detail, something not often said about impressionistic work. From the soft reflection of the chin to the strand of hair on her shoulders, Pike has created a vision in graceful lines and form.”

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FINE ART ON METAL is an introduction of metal, intimately mixed with various techniques , expressive brush strokes, and a flood of energy. A foundation created with layers of mixed mediums are painted in vibrant colors that patina with age and are as inviting indoors as they are out . Contact [email protected]


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Education Los Angeles County High School For The Arts University of Arizona, bachlers in fine arts


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Art World News !!! Nov.2006

VINE TIMES!!! 2005 Vine Times Magazine cover of Jan 2005!!! Oct 2005 July 2006

"Grapes on the Vine" inspired at peragon vinyards in Santa Barberbra and Carr Vineyard

Shows and Exhibitions

1993 LACHSA, Los Angeles, CA. Annual student show

1994 LACHSA, Los Angeles, CA. Senior show

1996 Café Parasio, permanent rotation

1997 Student show, University of Arizona

1997 412 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

1997 Tucsons Play House. Tucson AZ

1999 White Meadows Gallery, Calabasas, CA

1999 Cay Club Calabasas, CA

1999 Art Reach San Leandro Shelter for Women and Children, San Leandro, CA

2000 Art Reach San Leandro Shelter for Women and Children, San Leandro, CA

2001 33332 PCH Malibu, CA. Solo Show.

2002 Corner Café, Hawaii Kai, HI

2003 Strands Manhattan beach, CA

2003 Brahum-BGallery 1273 south Coast Hwy.Laguna Beach CA

2004 Klade Gallery Hermossa Beach,CA. Solo Show

2004 The Loft Hair Studio. Sherman oaks CA. Solo Show 2004 The underground, Hermossa beach, CA ART BATTLE

2004 twizzle art show- group show hollywood Ca

2004 Sphere Magazine art show - live paint at the knitting factory hollywood CA

2004 June artwalk Hermosa Beach CA

2004 Gallery row,downtown Los angeles.

2004 July artwalk Hermosa Beach CA

2004 Aug. artwalk Hermosa Beach CA

2004 Sept. Toluca Lake art festival

2004 NOV.The San Deigo bay food and Wine festival November 10-13th 2004

2004 Dec.mojo cafe, La jolla CA

2004 Dec the cleverlife Mingel beverly hills cresent hotel, beverley hill CA

2004 Dec.Crystal Image Gallery Laguna Beach CA

2005 Jan.Legends cellar.Irvine CA

2005 Jan san deigo inagrall ball, CA

2005 Jan Mojo cafee, La jolla, CA

2005 Feb inscent angel beverly hills, CA

2005 FEB.Legends cellar,Irvine CA

2005 Vine Times Magazine cover of Jan 2005!!!

2005 march ledgens cellar special event

2005 march Ramp West Mural: sponcered by warner foods/ amheiser-bush

2005 april Dennision texas arts and rennisance

2005 april crystal image gallery laguna beach,CA

2005 april ledgens cellar baccus society. irvine, CA

2005 June 5th Orange Count Museum fundraiser

2005 June 10th Legend Cellars

2005 June 11th Live Painting performance PAC SESSION LA at ART Share

2005 sept jack in the box 15th annunal golf tournament in palm springs

2005 oct keep your eyes open for another magazine cover on vine times OCT 2005 issue

2005 oct 2nd pearlsinn bonnioni foundation gold tournment MANHATTAN BEACH, CA

2005 oct 7 Pacific art collective 3rd

2005 nov3 at the crystal image gallerry in laguna beach.LAGUNA BEACH, CA

2005 nov4th in Las vegas with P.A.C. 1st fri. and at the binnions hotel LAS VEGAS NV

2005 nov.10-12 San deigo bay food and wine festival

2006 jan 13th with p.a.c. in san jose,CA



2006 APRIL providian, san deigo, CA

2006 May 7th Alpine wine Festival, san deigo CA

2006 April Fucuoka JAPAN


2006 Sept. Jack in the Box 16th Annunal Golf tournament in palm springs

2006 Nov. 9-11 10th Annual Great Wine Escape Weekend

2007 Feb.1 crystal image in Laguna beach CA

2007 Feb 2 legen cellar tustun CA

2007 Feb 16/18 "cover artist" Monterey wine Passport weeked.

2007 March 1-5 NEY YORW ART EXPO with the art-exchange

2007 March 4th Manhattan Beach CA at the shade hotel

2007 July 28 29 The Denver Art Affair in Littleton, CO Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist

2007 August 4 & 5, Beaver Creek Resort, Colorado 20th Annual Beaver Creek Art Festival Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist

2007 August 11, Monterey WINEMAKERS' CELEBRATION

2007 September 14, 15 & 16 10th Annual Shadyside..The Art Festival on Walnut Street Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist Rated one of the top 100 Art Festivals by Sunshine Artist magazine.

Pittsburg, PA

2007 October 6 & 7 20th Annual Las Olas Fall Art Festival Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist Rated one of the top 100 Art Festivals by Sunshine Artist magazine. Fort Lauderdale, FL

2007 October13 14 -19th Annual St Armands Art Festival Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist St Armands Key~off coast of Sarasota, FL

2007 October 20&21 9th Annual Downtown Naples Art Fair Juried Show - Exhibiting Artist Naples, FL

2007 October 26th solo show "in the Jazz" Ybor City , FL

2008 Feb.8-June "Art and the city: LA Icons" Hosted by Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove Nancy Nickerson Fine Art, Studio City and The Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team North Hollywoood CA

2008 March.-April World Gallery Contrast Costa Mesa Ca

2008 April 08 Vine-times cover "Poppies"

2008 April 20th ultimate wine tasting At Shade In Manhattan Beach CA

2010 "H" Gallery Laguna beach 1294 s.PCH


Professional Experience

1995 Freelance artist

1995 Stone Ridge Real state Tucson AZ. Designed and completed numerous murals

1996 Tucsons Childrens Museum, Designed and completed mural for Childrens party room.

1997 Designed and completed Murals for Mutts pub and Grub

1997 She teamed up with Anita Reedy. Anita, an accomplished interior designer, and founder of Mon Jordan worked together to make many gorgeous lines of hand painted silk pillows sold at exquisite boutiques and Burdogh Goodman in New York 2001.

1998, 1999 &2000& 2000 Special events, Holiday Concepts and installation, With Anita Reedys creative services. Countrywide home loans executive offices Calabasas, CA

1999 Heater Rice, an Accomplished interior designer, Directed and Inspired her on numerous creative projects, paintings and helped create Heathers Own private collection of pillows and a special line as a tribute to beloved pets; the profits were donated to Baja animal sanctuary.

2002 Collector Editions Graphic Artist

2002 Christian Dior freelance Make-up artist

2003 island automotive magiver machanic and manger

2004 Import tile center. Sales and intior/exterior deisgn

A Huge Thank You to Heather Rice,Steve Wetzel, Mark Hefferan of

thank you For believing in me,and all the help and support


karen snowboards in a skirt. 2007 Karen celibrates her seventh year snowboarding in a skirt. she is frequently spoted at snow summit big bear, wearing her school girl skirt and enjoying the mountain. ------------------------------


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At the end of 2003 I made a conscious commitment to a specific list of short term goals and dedicated myself to doing whatever was physically and mentally necessary to achieve them.

· To survive solely on the revenue from my art;

· To assemble a Marketing Package for the review of prospective clients, galleries and art dealers;

· To have my work on display in a prominent gallery;

· To produce work of the highest calibre and reflective of a unique and recognizable style;

· To be sought after and included in distinguished showings alongside other talented artists;

· To establish a solid pricing foundation that will allow further growth for the sale of my work; and

· To cultivate a following by first time and established collectors.

· Evolution as an artist without compromising myself or my work;

· Financial security generated from the sale of my art;

· Showings in major national and international cities;

· A relationship with representatives who demonstrate the highest business integrity and ethics;

· Growth in my understanding of the business of art and proficiency in utilizing its resources for the development of my career; and

· Opportunities to share with others in the same vein as the amazing mentors who have given to and guided me.

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