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Hello all! I am Sheila, like what they call girls in Australia. Anyways, growing up and then traveling around n the great state of Minnesota I have grown to love nature and all the beauty that can be found as long as you take the time to look. I am often inspired by the beautiful lakes around here ( We've got a thousand to chose from).

Picking up a pencil and just letting out whatever is on my mind into a picture is something that i love to do. It's very calming and fun for me and if i didn't do it...let's just say i'll do it forever ^...^

Although I try to use all different mediums I especially enjoy using charcoal and watercolors.

I love doing portraits of people and i really enjoy conveying emotion especially in the eyes. I put a lot of my emotion and thought into each piece I do so I hope you enjoy checking out my work :)

As you can probably tell i'm still in the early stages of developing my artistic style. I may not be very good but I hope to learn and grow as an artist. I owe allot to my friends, family, and other artists on this site for fueling my interest in art and being a constant encouragement. <3

I'm not sure where it's gonna take me in the future but for now it's just something i enjoy doing in my spare time. I am no where near where i want to be but i think i can one day be a decent artist.

Some people have messaged me and asked me if I could put certain pieces up for sale. I know that I haven't priced anything but I'm just trying to get my head around that fact that people want to buy them. I don't know why I feel uneasy asking for a price. I didn't start drawing to make money. But, I don't want to be one of those selfish artists who never shared their god given talent with others. I promise that once I figure out prices I will put them up for sale. Thank you for taking such an interest and forcing me to face to facts :)

I love hearing from those of you who have taken your time to look at my work. Please do not hesitate to send me feed back. Good or bad I don't care. Your comments make my day! Feel free to comment or message me. Your support and comments mean a lot to me :) Thanks again <3 Sheila

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