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04 May, 2021
  • Barb Schindel

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Is it ok to ask where company headquarters is for

It would be nice to know about sales information, although my sales are down low, :( to none, hate to admit something like that. This is what its about, customers have and want their kind of style and order their particulars. So I accept the fact.

So to know other fine artist are truly selling on ArtWanted, important to know sales info, without putting names on the sales. for privacy, etc.

19 March, 2017
  • 19 Mar 2017

Original Post: Sales Information

I have been a member of another artist host site for many years and they post, daily, pictures of everything that has sold the day before. This gives you an idea as to what is selling and in what form, print, tee shirt, etc.. I think it would be great to see the same thing here.