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29 July, 2021
  • Mark A. Lembo

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Rick, thanks. I learned a lot and got to meet many talented and accomplished artists, as well as a boatload of local art lovers. Made an overnight pricing decision (read: Reduction) and sold a couple of matted originals on Sunday!

22 July, 2021
  • Mark A. Lembo
  • 22 Jul 2021

Original Post: From a tiny acorn ...

First, this is - by definition and design - a low-budget display. As one of six "invited" guests, I have the equivalent of a booth space - without the booth! Invited guests are new to show 'circuit' and are on a test drive.

Second, there just isn't enough framed work (to my show specifications, anyway) around to fill a booth. Thus, you will see a second print rack in future pics. Print racks will hold matted, tagged and bagged originals.

I will try to post as the set up and show progresses. Worst case, there will be group of pics appended to this thread.