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10 January, 2024
  • Vicki Pelham

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Many thanks ArtWanted!!! The quality is wonderful, and the color is amazing on these happy and appreciative to have been able to check out this product! Thank you again....... Vicki~

01 December, 2023
  • Staff
  • 01 Dec 2023

Original Post: Photographic Art Prints are Back!

We are thrilled to announce that our photographic art prints are back with improved quality, world-wide printing facilities and new print size options! ArtWanted Premium Members can now instantly offer quality photographic art prints to buyers on their portfolio images. This has been our most popular selling product in the past and we are excited to share with you several upgrades.

What Happened?

A few months ago, the print partner we have been working with for many years decided to stop offering photo prints. We were forced to remove this product from ArtWanted until we could find a new replacement company to work with. We talked with dozens of companies, ordered sample prints, discussed potential integration with ArtWanted and researched many other factors. We are happy to report that we found a new company to work with that met all of our requirements and has exceeded our expectations. We have just completed the full integration with this company for this product and gained several new benefits because of this change.

New Print Sizes

In the past, we offered 27 different sizes of photo prints. We are now happy to announce that we now offer 48 sizes of photographic art prints! Your artwork can be printed on more sizes and shapes than ever, ranging from a small 4x6” print up to a huge 40” x 80” photo print. The pixel resolution of the file you upload will determine how many sizes of prints we can offer, so be sure to upload high-resolution files where possible. To view a list of all the sizes and minimum resolutions, visit this link.

World-Wide Printing Facilities

For this product, we now have a large network of printing facilities located around the world that can print your order. When the customer places a print order of your artwork, we will route their order to the nearest printing facility to the buyer. We will print the order in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia or one of dozens of other countries we now work with. This allows us to ship anywhere in the world, save big on shipping costs and deliver the product faster to the buyer.

Improved Print Quality

Our new giclée photographic art prints are printed on premium photographic paper with a satin lustre finish. This finish provides a subtle pearl-like texture that is preferred by professional artists and photographers. Lustre finish is the perfect blend between a high-gloss and dull matte finish. This technique provides deeper color saturation than matte paper, an impressive color depth and strikingly intense blacks.

Product Availability

This new product will be available for purchase on any new artwork that is uploaded by ArtWanted Premium Members starting today (Dec. 1st, 2023). Over the next few weeks we will be going back and adding this product to all previous uploads, starting with the most recent. Customers will be able to select this product from your image purchase options and choose the size they want to order. Because of the differences in aspect ratios between artwork and print sizes, we offer a real-time preview of exactly how the image will look on the final print.

Photo Print Pricing

The retail price of these quality art prints starts at $9.95 and increases depending on the size desired by the buyer. The artist is paid the full retail amount of the sale, minus the wholesale cost to print the item. The wholesale prices for this product are around half the retail price. As with all our print-on-demand products, ArtWanted Premium Members can also adjust the retail price at anytime or purchase prints of your own artwork at our low wholesale price. For a full list of all sizes and prices, visit this page.

Time to Go Premium?

The Print-On-Demand program (and this new product offering) is currently available to ArtWanted Premium Members. If you currently have a free/basic account, now might be the time to consider an upgrade. The Premium Membership includes over a dozen account upgrades, including the ability to sell prints and products of the art you upload to your portfolio. Click here to learn more about this upgraded membership.

More Print Upgrades Coming Soon

Our team is busy working on many new upgrades to our platform to allow our artists to sell more of their artwork. These upgrades include many more products to sell, easier art buying experience and improved management of your artwork. Stay tuned and watch for these exciting new upgrades in the coming year!

FREE Print Giveaway

Be one of the first 3 people to respond to this blog post, and we will send you a free 8x10 print of your artwork. Premium Membership not required to get the free print, just be the fastest to hit reply on this post. Good luck!