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27 January, 2017
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THEME: The Color Blue

DESCRIPTION: The theme of this art contest is THE COLOR BLUE. Submit your own drawing, painting or photograph with the main/focus color being BLUE. Not red, not purple, but blue. Got it? Any subject or medium will do for this contest, just color it blue!

VOTING STARTS: 13-Feb-2017

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Artwork that does not have the main/focus color being blue will be removed.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to this message and attach your contest entry image to your message. Your contest entry will be hidden until voting starts. Good Luck!


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Elizabeth Grant 30 Jan 2017

Hi There

Here is my Image for the contest "The Colour Blue"

The title of the work is "Midnight Mischief" size of artwork is 40 x 40" and the medium is acrylic, glitter & epoxy resin on dibond panel.

Thanks so much

Sigridur Bachmann 02 Feb 2017

My contribution in " Color Blue "Theme !

Pablo Franchi 09 Feb 2017

Motorcycle blueprint.

Padmavathy Ragavendran 07 Feb 2017

Nothing beats the flashes of ocean, beaches, waves, when anybody mentions the color blue to me. Always felt enchanted, a feeling of stillness, as waves approach and recede. These high and cylindrical ones which are surfers favorites are mine too......

Albert Mary 27 Jan 2017

Brian Smith 12 Feb 2017

Hi I'd like to submit the attached image to the Colour Blue competition. It was rendered in Bryce.



Jerry Lee Cline 03 Feb 2017

This is called Fog Rising with the colors being mainly blue, blue tints of fog with a little black.

Riya Sharma 03 Feb 2017

Blue Diamond

Daniel Mooney 28 Jan 2017

Oh my! The Stars, the Stars!

connie van winssen 09 Feb 2017

Acrylics on canvas, 24x24", 60x60cm

Vasyl Dzhabraylov 10 Feb 2017

'WINTER ROAD' 2013. Oil on canvas, 50x40cm.

Stefani Wehner 29 Jan 2017

Morning view in blue......

Yury Yanin 01 Feb 2017

LouAnn Knight 29 Jan 2017

This is a dragonfly fan blade fence ornament. I painted it while the fence was being constructed.. Fences are popular around south TEXAS.. so I'm making unusual decorations which are quite popular.. Hope you like this one..

Vasyl Dzhabraylov 10 Feb 2017

'Winter foggy day' 2016. Oil on canvas, 40x50cm.

Suelene Rebouças 10 Feb 2017

Blue - 2011 Oil on canvas board 6" x 8"

tazda lawson 08 Feb 2017

Its a land sharkpup... Not rendered but paint, color pencil, and some Prismacolor marker.

marie-claire gallet 03 Feb 2017

Blue horse Photography

Ralph White 10 Feb 2017

Pacifica - Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x40, 2012. ~ A striking view of the Pacific Ocean.

José Fortunato 30 Jan 2017

Oil on canvas

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