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27 November, 2017
  • Staff

THEME: Nighttime

DESCRIPTION: The topic for this contest is NIGHTTIME. Using your skills as an artist, submit your drawing, painting or digital art that meets the theme of Nighttime. The subjects covered in this topic could range greatly, so have fun with it.

VOTING STARTS: 11-Dec-2017

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Only artwork that meets the theme should be submitted, other artwork will be removed from this contest. No photos for this contest, thanks. As with all contests, all entries must comply with our image policies.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to this message and attach your contest entry image to your message. Your contest entry will be hidden until voting starts. Good luck!


37 Contest Entries

john fitzgerald 28 Nov 2017

Carnival Carousal

Aila Kajan 27 Nov 2017

john tonkin 29 Nov 2017

hotel essex

Victoria Obscure 06 Dec 2017


Rex Woodmore 27 Nov 2017

Please accept my submission for the contest THEME: Nighttime

‘Wagtail Waken’ by Rex Woodmore. A Willy Wagtail bird singing beneath a star filled sky. Acrylic on canvas panel. 45.7 x 45.7 x 1cm (18’’x18’’) ‘God’s Creation-my inspiration’

Joes Art Nook 08 Dec 2017

Many perils await this knight on his journey home.

Joanie Holliday 28 Nov 2017

Natalie Eckman 28 Nov 2017

Stefani Wehner 28 Nov 2017

Here my Digitalpainting for this contest, called "a light in this winternight".

cindy kelly 28 Nov 2017

This painting is called Moon Shadows. Oil on canvas.

Wiley Spears 29 Nov 2017

Deanna Davoli 06 Dec 2017

This strong Viking woman stands with her proud wolf looking over the night sky. A huge, glowing moon unifies these 2 spirits. Proudly they stand united by the song of the moon.

Nikolay Semyonov 06 Dec 2017

Cold Night Trains. A photograph-based impression done using Corel Painter brushes. The shot was made at the train station of Tuapse, a small seaside holiday town on the Black Sea coast of Russia. By the way, that August night was unusually cold , hence the almost empty platform.

Lisa Turner 28 Nov 2017

Night time

Melanie Pruitt 30 Nov 2017

Faerie Garden original watercolor on 300lb Hot Press

A whimsical original painting features moonlit bluebells surrounded by faeries. This painting is an original idea I've had brewing for awhile now. The background is dark and moody, like a garden in moonlight. I hand cut fairy stencils and used a scrubbing method of removing paint. The faeries are then highlighted with a unique watercolor paint called duochrome that shimmer 2 colors. The body is a lavender duochrome and the wings are a greener duochrome.

kiddolucas lee 01 Dec 2017

This MAN Overcame All Darkness

David Ford 28 Nov 2017

Winter Moon 24" x 28" acrylic on canvas

Jude 05 Dec 2017

Aleksandr Klyuyanov 05 Dec 2017

Distant Light

Yasha 06 Dec 2017

Night at sea, acrylic on paper, 60x80 cm :)

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