06 September, 2018
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Start Calendar ordering now,

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The process from selection to receiving final product takes a few weeks. I suggest that we will be able to submitting calendars again. (If this will be a continued project).

I noticed on my portfolio that the 2018 calendar is shown: https://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=75616&Tab=Calendar

If we have this opportunity again, this needs to be updated to 2019.

Also, I want to request that we can create and submit a variety of calendars to provide an option. Max of 5. Personally, I have selective clients would enjoy purchasing my work, and having an option of calendar images would increase sales.

To simplify - one style - Create calendars with different images (max 5 calendars)..



ArtWanted.com Staff 07 Oct 2018

The 2019 Calendar product is now available to create and sell. Here is a link with the details: https://www.artwanted.com/mb/topic.cfm?Topic=636125

Nina Thompson 08 Dec 2018

Agreed! I wanted to make a calendar that had artwork of my classic cars with backgrounds, and one that was just the cars with no background. I had to choose between which calendar to make. It was a little disappointing. I was hoping to give my buyers a choice. I also had an issue with the calendar showing up as 2018 and this worried me a little. So, good points to touch on here.

ArtWanted.com Staff 10 Dec 2018

Nina - Thanks for your feedback. We are hoping to have the ability for artists to have multiple calendars next year.

Nina Thompson 10 Dec 2018