22 January, 2019
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Member Pics of the Day are Back!

Several years ago, we had a feature on ArtWanted where members could pick an image/artist to feature in a special 'Pics of the Day' gallery. Recent discussions on our message boards have shown a renewed interest to bring back this feature, so we have!

The new 'Pics of the Day' gallery will feature hand-picked images from our members each day. As you browse the pages of ArtWanted, we encourage you to choose images/artists to be highlighted in this special gallery.

You can add unlimited images each day to the Pics of the Day gallery. However, to make things fair, artists cannot choose to feature their own images.

To select your Pic of the Day, view any image on ArtWanted and click the LIKE or FAVORITE icon for that image. Next, click the link or trophy icon to choose that image as your Pic of the Day. After selecting your image, you can view the Pics of the Day gallery to see what other images have been selected by our members.

As more and more members use the Pics of the Day feature, we will increase the promotion and focus for the artwork included in this special gallery. We invite all members to start using this new feature and we look forward to seeing the artwork you choose!

To view the current Pics of the Day gallery, go to: artwanted.com/browse/pics/



Mark Peterson 25 Jan 2019

Is there a way to see the Pics Of The day Gallery without choosing a Pic of the day?

ArtWanted.com Staff 25 Jan 2019

Yes, you can go to: https://www.artwanted.com/browse/pics/

We will also be adding a link to our main BROWSE page, so you can always get to this link.

Anneke Hut 01 Feb 2019

Thank you very much for bringing it back!

There is one thing I don't like:

" If a second image is selected by a member on the same day, that new image will replace the previous image in the gallery."

ArtWanted.com Staff 05 Feb 2019

Thanks for the feedback. We have just made a few tweaks to the Pics of the Day, based on member feedback so far...

1) Members can now add UNLIMITED Pics of the Day images each day, you are no longer limited to one per day.

2) If the same image is added more than once on the same day, the image will only show once on the gallery. The first person to add the image will be credited for choosing the image.

Ginger Olansen 15 Aug 2020

I love using it. Did you know the like and Fav cannot be seen on a phone (they are too far right). Can you add to bottom too?