28 December, 2020

Note to All ArtWanted Members

I'm not sure if this would be considered a violation of artwanted terms, but Jack Faragasso and my self have agreed to trade images or prints with each other. because times are tight at the moment and art isn't being purchased through this site and many other sites, Jack and I have thought about just trading art for art. if this is something you would like to get involved in, contact me directly though my profile. if you see something within my portfolio, add a comment within the section below the image with a link to your images or art. If a deal is made, I will send a single large size print of the image you've selected in a protective shipping tube. I suspect maybe at some point we should name our endeavor: "Image Barter Network" Let me know your feeling on image bartering.



Ray Steele 29 Dec 2020

I see nothing wrong in doing that

ArtWanted.com Staff 30 Dec 2020

This sounds like a great idea and ArtWanted does not have a problem with it.

Rick Corbett 01 Jan 2021

It sure sounds like a fun thing to do. Maybe this will catch on and maybe other artists would want to trade print for print. Excellent and I say carry on as there shouldn’t be any problem with this. Happy New Year!!!

Dale Newman 07 Jan 2021

I think its a fantastic idea because what is art for, but to share for others to experience

Lucia Stewart 24 Feb 2021

I agree, this is an awesome idea. Perhaps we should have a separate album in our portfolio's exclusively for tradable items.