30 January, 2021

where do art stand to day due to the pandemic?

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Brian Wolfgang Becker 21 Feb 2021

Where Does Art Stand Today Due To The Pandemic?

Personally I think it has provided a real opportunity for a lot more art work to be created as most visual artists work by themselves when painting, drawing, creating images or working in some form of multi media application. Those working in the film industry maybe not so much because of all the production personnel involved. Unfortunately many that could or would be supporting the visual arts have been heavily impacted by COVID-19 on a economic level which translates into less sales for all artists even though they may have been very productive in 2020. Visual artists have often been isolated within their working worlds so COVID-19 really did not alter their working lives in too many ways. The rest of world has come to know how it is in some ways to be an artist through COVID-19 by adapating, improvising and making due as best one can under challenging circumstances which has been the plight of the majority in the art world.

Brian Wolfgang Becker