11 February, 2021

Instagram Links.

Let's support each other. If you wish to follow me.


Follow everyone above you before dropping your Instagram links if you'd like a follow back.



Cheryl Garman-Andrade 13 Feb 2021

Hey there. Great idea! https://www.instagram.com/cherylaandrade/

Mar Ley 14 Feb 2021


Nira Dabush 20 Feb 2021

Lucia. Thank you. I chose not to post on Instagram, since of the terrible of harming my privacy in all ways possible. I have nothing to search there things are not safe as was. Enjoy safe privacy wherever you are. Stay healthy. LOve and peace from Israel, NIRA.

Lucia Stewart 24 Feb 2021

I completely understand, Nira. Thank you for you input! This post is for those who are already active, or looking for a new avenue to gain more exposure for their artwork on Instagram.

Rick Corbett 26 Feb 2021

Great discussion, thank you Lucia!! My Instagram account is rcorbetfineart

I followed everyone so far...I love Instagram and look forward to seeing everyone's amazing work.

Lucia Stewart 01 Mar 2021

Excellent Rick, great to connect with you on IG. Thank you for jumping onboard.

Mark A. Lembo 05 Mar 2021

Lucia, thanks!


BTW, Rick, you dropped a 't' in your message below

Lucia Stewart 07 Mar 2021

Great to have you on board, Mark!

Pepita Selles 12 Mar 2021

Hi I follow you Lucia. If you and others want to follow me my link is here https://www.instagram.com/pepitaselles/

Lucia Stewart 12 Mar 2021

Excellent Pepita, I followed you back! Thank you!

ArtWanted.com Staff 17 May 2021

We like what we saw with this message thread. We will be organizing a "follow Friday" event in the neat future, to give all ArtWanted artists on Instagram a chance to promote themselves, follow fellow artists and get more followers. Stay tuned.

Lucia Stewart 18 May 2021

That's excellent news! Thank you!

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 19 May 2021

Thank you ArtWanted! Nice! :D

Mark A. Lembo 21 May 2021

Lucia, thanks for promoting this idea. Looks like AW is going to run with it in a big way on 5/28!! Cheers, MAL

Lucia Stewart 21 May 2021

Yes, I'm super excited to see where they go with this. Thank you, Mark!