21 February, 2021

The Art Work Created During COVID-19

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I recently joined on here at ArtWanted.com and have seen some very talented artists and great art work here when exploring the site. I am curious as to how COVID-19 has influenced peoples creatively over the past year. Did you draw from this pandemic which has altered life across the world or did you escape it and throw yourself into subject matter well outside of it to deal with our new realities? Could we set up a new Category on ArtWanted called 2020? A year of Covid-19 and not a year of perfect vision!

Brian Wolfgang Becker - Feb 21, 2021



Lucia Stewart 24 Feb 2021

YES! I did a complete series of Quarantine paintings, drawing from my personal experience and others during the lock downs. I will be posting them to my portfolio shortly, a few originals sold as soon as they were completed, so I was supper happy to stay home and create.

Scott Alexander Jack 12 days ago

I became for active outside in photographing wildlife as we isolated from humans.