05 March, 2021
  • Rick Corbett
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Newsletter Feature on Premium Website

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I have my website through ArtWanted which I absolutely love. I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to add a newsletter sign up link onto my website.



Brian Wolfgang Becker 08 Mar 2021

Hi Rick.

I gather this could be useful but do you not already have the ability to do that just by adding a link to your email with whatever message you wish to send out to people? I think the site here is really very well laid out and provides lots of potential options.


Brian Wolfgang Becker 08 Mar 2021

Sorry I should have read that post better! You want people to leave you their email addresses on your page. That would be good!


Mitzi Delpho 27 Apr 2021

Being able to get emails would be great. As artist we have to do most of our own marketing and that would be so helpful.

Scott Alexander Jack 25 Nov 2022

Great idea

Dale Newman 10 Oct 2023

I think It would be a good idea

Aaron Gilchrist 28 May 2024

Good Idea