08 March, 2021

Sharing What Is Working And What Is Not During COVID-19.

I think this past year March 2020 - March 2021 has been adaptive and transformational for many people and for almost all industries. I see how restaurants have managed to stay open at 50% capacity, how professional sports have managed to keep competition going with really no or very limited live audiences. Planes are still flying and public transit systems are still moving. Stores are open. Most outdoor activities are almost normal just with wider social spaces or masks on when more congested with people. The number of safety measures implemented into just about every business and government operation has been quite amazing in order to save lives and our healthcare workers here in Canada over the past year. Many people here now work from home and do not venture into the city center or to a common office but are networked via zoom or microsoft teams by computers. Will people go back to the past or are we now in the new normal of a post COVID-19 whenever that arrives? If this is the new normal then how does that impact how artists work and how they sell that what they create? People generally do not speak up when life becomes too much of a burden so I hope in posting this there are people here on ArtWanted that are having a good year and are willing to share what is working for them and what has not. Joining ArtWanted has provided me personally a very good platform to bring my past work forward into digital presentation online. Translating that into sales or greater opportunities is really the point behind it all. The national news last week reported that Canada's GDP shrunk 5% since this time last year. Had governments not stepped up to provide $2000 per month per person that qualified for CERB benefits and for other programs and benefits for individuals and small business that GDP loss fiqure might be 30% or 40% with 3 out of five small businesses going bankrupt. If it were not for our governments current support programs, I would surely not be typing this today. We now see light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines and should all be so thankful for our healthcare industry that have faced the mind and heart breaking soul sucking work of being burdened with COVID-19 day in and out over this past year. They have truly been every bodies guardian angel!



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Rick Corbett 08 Mar 2021

Here in Massachusetts, I see the same Brian as you do. I find my self thinking what would it be like once the pandemic is over - will it ever be over. I think now that more people will get the vaccines, I do think that we will get back to somewhat normalcy. But I think also that there will be a new normalcy where we will see some people who continue to wear masks, even when the requirement is no more. I do believe that when some sneezes or coughs, there will be a certain nervousness. I think life as we knew it a year ago, two years ago will be a little different, but I also believe that as humans we will adapt, we will overcome, and we will survive and continue to rise up.