11 March, 2021

Why do some artist not want you to comment?

I can understand if you do not want to show comments... But why reject comments on your work?



Lucia Stewart 12 Mar 2021

Maybe, they don't want the emails or to feel obligated to reply. I don't think they are rejecting comments, they're just not wanting to participate, that's my guess anyway.

Rick Corbett 15 Mar 2021

I agree with Lucia, some artists may not want to participate, choosing to use ArtWanted as a place for them to post their artwork only, which is OK but I believe that you really reap the benefits of ArtWanted by participating - to each their own. Great topic

Mark A. Lembo 16 Mar 2021

Only the individuals can tell you that. It's great to get feedback from participants in these groups.

Lucia Stewart 18 Mar 2021

Thank you, Rick, I feel if you want to put your work out there, it is encouraging to know how others feel about it! Of course, the best encouragement is when someone is willing to pay for your artwork!

John Enright 4 days ago

Some artists simply want to exhibit their art and have no time or patience to respond to every reply, good or bad, on their art. After ten years at this website, I can honestly say that some of the members were extremely rude and demeaning, critical and political. I backed away from all forums and open creative sessions that were a lot of fun as the foment and dark energy flooded through the digital gates of my computer. I felt a sense of peace and serenity when every day was not filled with negative comments. I continue to create my art, take my photos and sculpt my work continuously and without responses. Works for me. I do miss some of my art friends here, but the peace is worth it.

Mark A. Lembo 2 days ago

Only been on the site for six months, or so. Thankfully, I have not seen much/any negativity. Controversy can be healthy, if done right. You have to wonder what ever happened to 'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything - at all?' Twitter/FB, et al. certainly had a hand in its demise. Cheers, MAL