18 March, 2021

Hey active members!

Where are you from? Where have you lived? Where are you now?

I am a South African born, American, lived in South Africa, the UK and China. Currently living in Georgia, USA. Tell me your story... go



Mark A. Lembo 19 Mar 2021

MA ... NY ... TX ...TX ... FL ... IL ... CA ... FL

Have not traveled to South Africa, but have visited UK and China.

Cheers! MAL

Lucia Stewart 29 days ago

That's awesome, Mal, thank you for sharing!

Rick Corbett 23 days ago

Great post, I love knowing where everyone is from. I live in Woburn, Massachusetts which is about 10 miles North of Boston. I have lived in Massachusetts all of my life. I was born in Boston. I love where I live because I get to work in a busy major city but at the same time, I live in a quiet little town that has a nice get away spot called Horn Pond where I love to go and get away to and spend time with nature.

Vincent von Frese 22 days ago

Welcome! Like most people I lived wherever I worked or could afford and not so much by choice. One travels but carries the baggage of their hearts and minds;

Born in Germany and immigrated to US. Lived in New York, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Love visiting Arizona and California. Traveled but not to Africa. Most European countries traveled as well in military. Want to visit the Monument Valley and the Movie Ranch in Utah!

Lucia Stewart 18 days ago

Rick, that sounds like the perfect balance, of busy city life and calming nature, I love that!

Lucia Stewart 18 days ago

Vincent, that's awesome, you sure have moved many states! Do you miss Germany?