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21 June, 2022
  • Staff

THEME: Summer Heat Art

DESCRIPTION: The topic for this art contest is SUMMER HEAT. Depending where you live in the world, summer will mean different things to you. However, it's usually associated with hotter temperatures, going to the beach, swimming pools and BBQs. That's the type of thing we would like to see in the artwork submitted for this summer themed contest.

VOTING STARTS: 4-July-2022

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Only artwork can be submitted for this contest, no photographs please.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to this message and attach your contest entry image to your message. Your contest entry will be hidden until voting starts. Good luck!


31 Contest Entries

Elena Sokolova 21 Jun 2022

Running from the wave, oil, canvas, 50 cm x 60 cm

Joanie Holliday 21 Jun 2022

Melanie logan 22 Jun 2022

Childhood memories

Loren D Adams 22 Jun 2022

Majestic Eventide ~ 28"x 22" Original oil painting on triple oil primed fine portrait linen

Dan Ault 22 Jun 2022

"Boy with Snake", watercolor, 12"X16"

Julieanne Hall 26 Jun 2022

Michael and Joseph Old Faithful oil pastel on paper 4 1/2 x 6in on paper

Michael Rock 21 Jun 2022

My entry for summer heat. Entitled "Summertime"

Ivo Depauw 29 Jun 2022

A summer trip to Greece

Marc Stewart 21 Jun 2022

"Pacific" by Marc Stewart.

ARTIFICIUM 24 Jun 2022

Title: Watching Clouds

Carmen Console 21 Jun 2022

Here is my entry for Summer Heat

Sheree Ross 21 Jun 2022

Summer Water Collection

David Benjamin 23 Jun 2022

One lazy summer day at the lake with ducks.

greg ottlinger 29 Jun 2022

My submission for summer heat art contest.

Sue Johnson 21 Jun 2022

Beach Trail. 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas.

Miro Gradinscak 22 Jun 2022

After many, many days without rain ... finally ...the storm is coming...

Drawing - Graphite pencils on paper

Bev Chudey 21 Jun 2022

I would like to enter the summer heat contest

José Ramalhão Fortunato 23 Jun 2022

Summer starting day

Thomas Clover 01 Jul 2022

the surfer.........

Paul Weiner 23 Jun 2022


The contest sounds exciting. I am submitting my sample illustration for the competition.



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