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23 August, 2022
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THEME: Beauty in Photography

DESCRIPTION: The topic for this photography contest is BEAUTY. This is a pretty open subject for anything that you capture that means "beauty" to you. This could be of people, places or even things. If it's beautiful, then we want to see it for this photography contest.

VOTING STARTS: 5-Sept-2022

PRIZES: Everyone that submits an art contest entry wins more exposure to your artwork and kudos from your fellow art friends. The top voted winner of this contest will receive $10 in ArtWanted cash to be used for any product or service on our website.

RULES: Only one entry per person. Only photos can be submitted for this contest, not artwork. There is also an art contest with this same theme on another post.

HOW TO ENTER: Reply to this message and attach your contest entry image to your message. Your contest entry will be hidden until voting starts. Good luck!


20 Contest Entries

Manuel Balesteri 04 Sep 2022

Beauty in Phortography entry

Dan Ault 02 Sep 2022

Angela Tossell 24 Aug 2022

Beautiful bee on a flower. Nature itself is truly beautiful.

Scott Alexander Jack 26 Aug 2022

A pair of beautiful American White Pelicans in Southern California.

Melanie logan 27 Aug 2022

This is rendition of a photo,which is royalty free worked in a color sketch style.

Keith Mears 02 Sep 2022

Sylvia Jackovitch- Kallay 26 Aug 2022

Beauty meets Beauty

JD Pearce 03 Sep 2022

This flower was a thing of beauty! Nearly perfect in its natural setting.

Carla Huss 28 Aug 2022

Life Continues...

KEN BECKLES 24 Aug 2022

I am an abstract painter and photographer.

Jonathan Dakin 24 Aug 2022

A calm morning on the river, enhanced by a beautiful sunrise. During my adventurous visit, the beauty of Glacier National Park was captivated in West Glacier, Montana, U.S.A.

Nikolay Semyonov 24 Aug 2022

Tempest ahead

Padmavathy Ragavendran 25 Aug 2022

Bougainvillea Jamaica White, at my terrace, Chennai, India. The plant loves sun and it just captures the bright light and makes us forget the heat and leaves the best pleasant feeling lingering. To me they transform any place to a Greek or Caribbean picturesque spot !! They are watercolor artists most cherished flowers !!

Leyla Uzdenova 26 Aug 2022

An obvious supermodel of a creature! Thank you all!

Tak-Sek Chan 26 Aug 2022

Apollo, God of the Sun, bestowed us mortals "Silvery Stars" on October 23, 2016.

Tara Corbett 25 Aug 2022

Beautiful Iceland 2022

Fred Rousseau 03 Sep 2022

This is my entry for Beauty.Nature is beauty to me as a nature lover and conservationist.These Cormorants at the seaside with the waves coming in and the beautiful ambience is pure beauty

Joanie Holliday 26 Aug 2022

David Benjamin 25 Aug 2022

My wife's legs

Linise Lisi 24 Aug 2022

Beauty Photography. Taken from Glastonbury. Olivia Rodrigo


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