04 September, 2022

New Artist Group

I would like to invite you to a new group just created today, 'Windows and Doors'. All forms of art are welcome with the focal point being windows, doors or both. I see a lot of work that would fit into this group very nicely. please come and check out this new group. Thank you! `Vicki~



Thomas Payne 08 Sep 2022

Good morning, thank you for the creation of this new group. I would like to share a couple oil pieces to this group.

Thomas Payne 08 Sep 2022

Vicki Pelham 09 Sep 2022

Hello Thomas! Your beautiful work will be a wonderful addition to 'Windows and Doors' artist group. If you don't see this group, use 'Window' as your search key word on the Artist Group page. Looking forward to seeing you there! Thank you! ~Vicki~

Scott Alexander Jack 21 Sep 2022

Another super group idea, thanks for helping to promote Art Wanted, it needs a boost

Vicki Pelham 21 Sep 2022

Thank you Scott!