22 September, 2022

'Daily Uploads' feed

Has anyone else noticed some of their artwork uploads not showing up in the 'Daily Uploads' feed? When I upload images earlier in the day, they seem to always be in the feed right away. When I upload something in late afternoon or evening, they don't always show up in the 'Daily Uploads' feed, I find that a bit (or a lot) frustrating. Yesterday, five of my uploads did not show up in the feed. Today, so far, I have one upload not showing in the feed. Just curious to know if anyone else has experienced that as well. Is it that a max of 3 image uploads per artist, is all that will show up in the daily feed??? I'm perplexed.....



Mark Peterson 23 Sep 2022

That's right Vicki, you can upload as many as you want to but only the first three will show on the daily feed.

Vicki Pelham 23 Sep 2022

Thank you Mark, I appreciate the clarification. I realize all of your uploads do still show up in the 'New Images' art feed of people following you. That is good, but still a bit frustrating.... oh well. Thanks again!

Mark Peterson 23 Sep 2022

Not everything is perfect here Vicki, but no site on the net is... I like your work and personality projected. You will do well here. And I appreciate all your comments and participation. Good to see you here.

Vicki Pelham 23 Sep 2022

You are 100% correct Mark. I really enjoy the format here, it's so easy to get around the site, there are a lot of positives about the AW website. I like it here and everyone is so friendly. All of you welcomed me back after my years of being absent, that's pretty amazing. Appreciate your positive thoughts on my work. Your art is amazing, I love your technique! Thank you again Mark!

Mark Peterson 24 Sep 2022

You where here before? I left for several years and came back. Yes it is a good site... Although my eye sight is failing I still enjoy my fun with the digital that I love so much ~

Vicki Pelham 24 Sep 2022

Yes, I was. Uploaded 5 images in 2011 that just set there until I got one of those periodical AW emails back in Aug. and decided to check it out again. Upgraded to a premium account and here I am. So glad I came back, I feel like I've made so many friends and I'm enjoying being here. I'm so sorry to hear about your eyesight failing Mark. Hold onto what you love to do as long as you can. Your artwork is so amazing and inspiring. One of these days I'll work my way through your entire portfolio.

Mark Peterson 24 Sep 2022

Thanks Vicki, I am now blind in my left eye.. just a matter of time, no worries I have been doing this so long I can do it blindfolded, Glad to see you back : )

Vicki Pelham 24 Sep 2022

Thank you Mark :)

ArtWanted.com Staff 25 Sep 2022

Good discussion on this thread. We thought we would add our two cents. Yes, only three images per artist per day show up on the daily uploads page. All uploaded images will show on the artists portfolio, art feed and all other places of ArtWanted. Just not the daily new images page.

We used to not have this limit, but we would get new member or premium members upload dozens or hundreds of images to their portfolio on a single day, which would flood the daily feed with just one artist. We got many complaints about this, so we decided to limit the daily feed to just 3 images per day per artist. We would love to hear any suggestions you have about this page to make it even better, thanks.

Mark Peterson 25 Sep 2022

Limiting the number of images on the daily upload page is excellent to give everyone a chance to share their work. Perhaps 4 or even 5 would not be too much, and not give one or two artist a chance to flood the page,

Vicki Pelham 25 Sep 2022

Many thanks ArtWanted Staff, I appreciate your response. You've made me feel that individual artist are not lost in the crowd here, that we are all important to the AW artist community. I totally get it now and understand. I fall into the category you were mentioning. having been absent from the site for 11 years, when I jumped back on here, upgraded to a premium membership and I was anxious to expand my AW portfolio. I also fall more in the category that Mark mentioned rather than the extreme you had mentioned. Having now put more thought into it, 3 images (or even 4 or 5 as Mark mentioned) keeps it fair for everyone. if I (or other artist) want to check out more of someone's work, we can certainly go and take a look at their entire portfolio. Everyone being on the same level playing field is a good thing, the limit is not on how many images can be uploaded per day. I also appreciate the point system you've set up, especially limiting 5 uploads per month to receive AW points. this is all very fair to everyone. Thank you again to the ArtWanted Staff and to Mark Peterson as well!

ArtWanted.com Staff 26 Sep 2022

Thanks for the comments. We have been considering bumping up the limit to 5 images per day on the daily uploads page, so it sounds like that idea would be supported (at least from the people on this thread).

Mark Peterson 26 Sep 2022

I'm pretty sure it would be supported by more than me and Vicki. 5 Is a good number for everyone's exposure who is here on a daily basis. And when people come to browse they will see that much more work. Good for the artist and AW.

Vicki Pelham 26 Sep 2022

I totally agree with Mark. Thank you AW, for taking this into consideration, 5 would be a reasonable number, I believe, without totally flooding the feed. Very much appreciate your attention on this issue.

ArtWanted.com Staff 02 Oct 2022

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this topic. Today we updated the max daily images from 3 to 5, so you will now see more artwork on the Daily Uploads page going forward.

Mark Peterson 02 Oct 2022

Very much appreciated, thank you so much!

Vicki Pelham 02 Oct 2022

Many thanks ArtWanted, very much appreciated!

Scott Alexander Jack 04 Oct 2022

I saw a post from Art Wanted saying that only the first five images per day are able to be viewed

Vicki Pelham 04 Oct 2022

Yes I saw that also Scott! Pretty wonderful that ArtWanted really listens to the artists and responds.