18 April, 2023
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Introducing the NEW Art Duel Feature!

It’s fun, it’s inspiring and it’s addictive!
We are talking about the new Art Duel feature from ArtWanted!

What is an Art Duel?

We have created a new section of ArtWanted called the Art Duel. We randomly select two images from ArtWanted with at least one thing in common (the subject, the media used, the gallery or a keyword). You look at both images and then click on the image you like the best. Your click determines the winner of the duel. Votes and rankings are recorded and shared with the artist. After you have clicked, you will be presented with another dueling pair of random images. Vote again, and just keep on going!

Why did we create the Art Duel feature?

• Provide a creative way to display the wide variety of art/photos on ArtWanted.
• Give our artists more exposure to their artwork.
• Provide artists feedback on their artwork.
• Reward active members of ArtWanted with prizes and artwork exposure.

Prizes? Did someone mention prizes?

Yes, we did! For the first two weeks after our official launch, we will give away one prize to a random member using the Art Duel feature EVERY DAY. After the first two weeks are over, we will continue to give away at least one prize a month to those that are using this feature.

Some of the prizes include: Free 1 Year Premium Membership, Social Media Exposure Boost, Free ArtWanted products, ArtWanted bank credits and much more!

Each time you click on an image inside the Art Duel page, you are entered into the daily drawing for a prize. The winner will be chosen at random each day and instantly notified while they are voting for images in the duel. We will post all of the initial winners within 2-3 weeks time.

Where can I see my Art Duel results?

We have created a new Art Duel page in your ArtWanted Control Panel in the Feedback section. On this page, you can view your personal Art Duel statistics and results history of each image that has been in a duel. You will see all of your images involved in duels, the duel criteria, and if you won or lost the art duel. Keep in mind, it’s unlikely you will win every duel, because the criteria changes with each image selection. Just remember to have some fun with this and don’t take your win/loss ratio too seriously. Here is the link: https://www.artwanted.com/cp/feedback/artduels.cfm

How is the artwork selected for each art duel?

The two images for each duel are selected at random from our huge collection of over 900,000 ArtWanted images. While the selection process is random, you can increase the chances of your art being included in an Art Duel by doing the following:

1. Make sure all your artwork has been assigned the appropriate Subject, Media & Gallery from the Edit Image page.
2. Add 5+ relevant keywords to each of your images (separated by a comma).
3. Uploading new artwork on a regular basis (at least monthly).
4. Login to the ArtWanted website at least monthly.
5. Be an active member of ArtWanted by liking, commenting and favoriting images on the website.

What are the rank levels of the Art Duel system?

We have created a fun ranking system for members that like the Art Duel feature. Each time you choose a winner in an Art Duel, we record your vote. The more images you pick, the higher your rank level experience will go. Here are the Art Duel levels and the vote count you will advance to the next rank:

• Page (Up to 249 duels)
• Squire (250 duels)
• Knight (1,000 duels)
• Earl (2,500 duels)
• Duke (5,000 duels)
• Prince (10,000 duels)
• King (25,000 duels)
• Emperor (50,000+ duels)

Can I skip choosing a winner for the duel?

Yes you can. You will see a SKIP button that allows you to not pick a winner for the art duel and be presented with different images. Some people may be tempted to skip a duel if the artwork does not match the common theme between the artwork. However, we still suggest you vote for the image you like the best, even if one or both images don’t match the common theme selected. Skipping a duel will not count toward your rank advancement.

Can I opt-out of the Art Duel feature?

Yes you can. If you don’t want your artwork being seen and voted on from the Art Duel feature, you can opt-out of this program. To do this, simply go to the Art Duel page in your Control Panel and click the link to remove your images from Art Duel. This setting can be changed at anytime.

Can I earn ArtWanted Activity Points for voting in duels?

Yes you can. Each time you pick a winner in an art duel, you will be awarded 1 (one) activity point. These points will accumulate throughout the month and increase your rank on the “Top Active Members” community report.

Will the Art Duel work on my mobile phone?

Yes, we have designed the Art Duel feature to work great on a desktop computer and mobile phone. You can pick the winning artist with just a tap on your phone from anywhere. Why sit and scroll endlessly through social media when you now can vote for ArtWanted dueling artists!

We want your feedback!

After you have played around with the Art Duel feature for a while, we would love to get your feedback. What do you like and what do you not like? We want to know. We have created a simple survey to collect your comments and we would love to hear from you. Here is the survey link: https://www.artwanted.com/survey/artduel/

Let the Art Duel begin!

Click the link below to start your first art duel and try out this new feature. Enjoy!



1 Comment

ArtWanted.com Staff 01 May 2023

We have just posted a new message about the Art Duel feature and the latest prize winners. Check it out here.