05 September, 2023
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Phase 3 Update for Creative Minds Book

We want to thank all of our members that took the time to vote for the artists that should be included in the upcoming ArtWanted Creative Minds Book – Volume 2.

We received over 90,000 votes from hundreds of our members. Each artist received over 200 individual votes of either a YES or NO to be included in the book. The artists with the highest percentage of “yes” votes were asked to be included in the book.

We have now notified all of the artists via e-mail that submitted artwork to the book to let them know if they were included or not. If you submitted images for the book, but have not seen the email yet, you can also view the Creative Minds page to see your book status.

We were thrilled to see all the amazing talent of our members and we think this book is going to be beautiful! We also saw many talented artists that didn’t get enough votes to make it into this book, which was unfortunate. Either way, there is a ton of talent we have seen from the members of ArtWanted.

For those that were accepted, you can now visit the Creative Minds Book page and upload your final image, book information and approve the artwork release form. The final image you submit for the book does not need to be one of the three images you submitted for voting purposes. The deadline to collect all of this information is September 30th, 2023.

We look forward to designing the final book and making it available for all members to enjoy around November of this year.



Fred Rousseau 10 Sep 2023

Dear ArtWanted Staff.I have sent a separate e-mail regarding a problem loading my final image for the New Creative Book.Regards,Fred

Fred Rousseau 11 Sep 2023

Dear ArtWanted Staff and owners and hosts of the website ArtWanted.com I worked at one of the top universities internationally and I know exactly what effort and input and long hours it takes to publish any book or even an article of international standards. So,from me,one of your humblest artists,I want to express my appreciation at your New Creative Book that will be presented to art lovers,art buyers,and hopefully international art collectors etc.later this year. I trust that the book will give great pleasure to one and all and that it will receive the praise and accolades it deserve. Once again,many thanks and good wishes that the book will be a tremendous success. Kind regards, Fred Rousseau

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Sep 2023

Thanks for your message Fred, we really appreciate it. We think it's going to be a great book filled with amazing talented artists and photographers.

Vicki Pelham 25 Oct 2023

Many thanks for all of your effort. I think this project is so exciting and such a wonderful idea. I didn't see the 1st book, but I'm definitely anxious too see this current Creative Minds Vol. 2.... Once again, thank you very much ArtWanted!!!

Vicki Pelham 04 Nov 2023

Just wondering if there is an ETA on Creative Minds - Vol 2 completion and becoming available, If I have missed an update containing this information, I do apologize.....

Thank you so much, Vicki

ArtWanted.com Staff 04 Nov 2023

The design of the new Creative Minds book is being finalized and the book should be available for viewing/purchase within the next few weeks.

Vicki Pelham 05 Nov 2023

Many thanks for the information!!!