31 January, 2024
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

NEW Artist Group Updates

We just completed a handful of updates to our Artist Groups! Many of these changes were requested from our members, so please keep the feedback coming.

If you are new to Artist Groups, it’s time for you to learn more. Artist groups allow members to share themed artwork and common interests with each other. Adding your art to an art group will get you more exposure and views to your artwork. We suggest you check out the Artist Groups page and join a few groups that are related to the artwork in your portfolio.

Here is a list of the NEW updates that are now live in our Artist Groups area.

1. Artwork Page Numbers – We have removed the “SHOW MORE” button and converted all artist groups pages to use the normal page numbers navigation you see in other areas of ArtWanted. This change fixed a few bugs and allows more of the art in each group to be seen.

2. New Artwork Highlighted – We now highlight the NEW artwork in each artist group that you have not seen since your last visit to the group. If you visit a group and then come back a month later, you will see all the artwork highlighted that was uploaded in the last month that you haven’t seen.

3. Featured Group Image – When group admins pick a featured image, that image will now stay as the featured image until a new featured image is selected by the admin. The newest image will not replaced the featured image. We also display this featured image as the first image on the group page.

4. Missing Admin – If the group does not have a current admin, a message will display on the top of all group pages that the admin role is available. Any member in the group can accept the role of administrator if the group does not have one.

5. Leave Admin Role – If you are a group administrator and no longer want to be, you can give up the role of admin and let any other member of the group accept this role. If you are not currently managing the groups you are an administrator for, we suggest you give up the admin role for someone else to do.

6. Group Cleanup – We cleaned up and deleted over 100 artist groups that were old and didn’t have any members or artwork in the groups. We will continue to review the current groups to see what other actions need to be taken to clean up groups that are dead.

These new updates should be welcome changes to our Artist Groups area. Check out the new changes and join a few new groups!

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Mark Peterson 22 days ago

Much much better... Excellent! Thank you ~

Vicki Pelham 21 days ago

Many thanks for these wonderful new up dates!!!

Amanda Renyard 20 days ago

Blackbirds circling cartoon art

Dale Newman 6 days ago

Thak You Very much