24 May, 2024
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Fine Art Prints and Lower Poster Prices

We are delighted to share with you some new upgrades to our Premium Print-On-Demand program. We have added a new product (Fine Art Prints), added more sizes to our Poster Prints and have also lowered the prices of our previous poster product. Here are more details...

New Fine Art Prints

To help you sell more prints of your artwork, we have added a new premium print product to our lineup! Our new Fine Art Prints feature premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. We use the Giclée printing process to reproduce beautiful colors on this museum-quality 200gsm matte paper. You and your clients will be thrilled with the results when you hold these fine art prints in your hands.

Print Sizes: 55 sizes of prints are available from 4” x 6” to 40” x 80” wide. Higher resolution files can sell larger print sizes.

Pricing: Wholesale prices start at only $5.95 per print. The largest print size is $81.95.

New Poster Print Product

We are now offering a new poster print product. This new product has lower costs and more sizes available than our previous poster prints. These prints are printed on a lighter weight of paper (170gsm) than our Fine Art Prints and are much more affordable, but still look amazing!

Print Sizes: 51 sizes of prints are available from 4” x 6” to 40” x 60” wide.

Pricing: Wholesale prices start at only $5.95 and the largest poster size is only $30.95. These prices are around 50% less than our previous poster prints.

More Options to Get the Sale

When your customers are ready to buy a print of your artwork, they now have three types of prints to choose from: Photo Prints, updated Poster Prints and our new Fine Art Prints! These new options are now available on all previously uploaded artwork and new uploads going forward.

If you would like to sell prints of your artwork/photos, and you are not already a Premium Member, check out our Premium Membership upgrades.

FREE PRINT! The first three people that read and respond to this post will get a free fine art print of one of their portfolio images!



ArtWanted.com Staff 26 days ago

The new print products show up at the top of the purchase options category list for potential buyers.

Veera Zukova 22 days ago

Thank you, ArtWanted.com team, for these fantastic updates! As an artist, I'm thrilled about the introduction of Fine Art Prints and the enhanced poster options. The premium quality and variety of sizes available for Fine Art Prints will allow me to offer my customers a truly exceptional product that showcases my work in the best possible light.

The affordable pricing for the new poster prints is also a great addition, making my artwork more accessible to a wider audience. The flexibility in print sizes is perfect for catering to different customer preferences and needs.

I’m excited to see how these new options will enhance my portfolio and attract more buyers. The possibility of receiving a free fine art print of one of my portfolio images is an amazing opportunity—I hope to be one of the first to respond!

Thank you for continually improving the platform and supporting artists like myself.

Best regards,

Veera Zukova